Monday, November 1, 2010

AP voters are stupid.

I've got a "real" post coming soon (which is to say, one that again rips off the old rip-apart-bad-journalism method done expertly and then never again anywhere near as well by the blog but first: This.

The preseason All-American team for NCAA basketball includes a freshman, Harrison Barnes of North Carolina. Barnes is really, really good. He was arguably (almost even inarguably) the top recruit and top prospect this year in college basketball.

So with that in mind, 17 super-duper-morons voted for him as a preseason All-American in a league he has never played in. This blows my mind.

Yes, many freshmen are one-and-done now and are obviously in the elite class of players aged 18-22, i.e. Carmelo Anthony, but to put a guy on the preseason All-American team before he's even played one minute of college basketball? That's retarded. This is retarded.

Even if he does play well enough to warrant the selection, what kind of statement does this make? "Hey, we've voted for a bunch of guys who we think are good and we decided that they'll probably be good. We have recklessly disregarded whether or not they've actually, you know, played college basketball before."

It's this type of shit that keeps Boise State out of the national championship for football. These idiot pollsters make all these inane predictions before the season happens and then stick to them until proven beyond a reasonable doubt otherwise. Preseason polls are stupid. Preseason awards are stupid. Preseason everything is stupid. AP voters are stupid.

And while we're here, this gem from Roy Williams:

"This is indicative of the great respect that Harrison has nationally, and it's an unbelievable accomplishment for a freshman," said Tar Heels coach Roy Williams, who is coming off his first non-NCAA tournament season at North Carolina. "I know Harrison would agree, however, that it would be even more exciting to make the All-America team that's picked after the season.

The only thing MORE exciting than being on the fake all-star team is being on the real all-star team! Whodathunkit!!?!?!

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