Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stupid mascots make for bad football teams...

Sorry, but it's just an undeniable fact of sports.

Just watch this clip of "Cavman" (from before yesterday's Virginia game vs. TCU).

Cavman is a guy who dresses up as a Cavalier for Virginia football games. I mean, I guess that's cool, but that's not really the point.

Check out some important moments from this video:

:35 seconds - Computer generated Cavman on Scott Stadium jumbotron gets angry after seeing a computer generated horned frog prancing around Virginia's campus. Cavman goes to get his computer generated horse.

1:17 - Cavman (still computer generated) punches horned frog off highway overpass.

1:29- A truck runs over horned frog on said highway. Cavman is driving the truck.

1:51- Real life Cavman rides real life horse onto the field as real life Cavalier football players run to their sideline.

1:59- Camera pans to Cavman, on the ground, after having fallen off of his horse. Cavman unsuccessfully attempts to get back on horse.

Oh, then the football team lost, 30-14.

Theory proven. Thank you Cavman.

Aaron Kraut is a senior journalism major at the University of Maryland. Hire him.

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