Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O's Swept By Red Sox... Again.

Emperor Angelos is here to laugh at those of you who actually paid to see the Orioles play this year (Unfortunately I was stupid enough to attend Camden Yards several times this season).




Alright. The O's beat the Red Sox 2 times this season. They played eachother 18 times and the O's could only manage to win 2 of them. I don't even know how to respond to that. The Sox should send Peter Angelos a fruit basket or something. If we had won 5 of those 16 games that we lost, the Sox would have a 2 game lead in the AL Wild Card race instead of a 7 game lead. You're welcome Beantown.

On Friday, Jeremy Guthrie (3 earned runs in 5 2/3 innings) kept the Orioles in the game. Unfortunately, the O's were once again baffled by the pitching of Clay Buchholz as they lost 3-1. Luke Scott drove in the O's lone run with a solo home run.

The BWP Clipped Wing Award winner for this game is... Peter Angelos!

There wasn't a clear winner from the game due to all O's players sucking equally, so why not give another award to this fuck face?

On Saturday, David Hernandez pitched decently (3 earned runs in 6 innings) only to see it ruined by what the Orioles like to call their "bullpen". The O's relievers gave up 8 runs in 3 innings to turn the game into an 11-5 blowout. Ty Wigginton hit 2 home runs and Matt Wieters went 3/5 with and RBI.

The BWP Clipped Wing Award winner for this game is... Bob McCrory!

McCrory gave up 5 runs in 2/3 of an inning. All of the runs were unearned due to an error by Wigginton, but I don't care, Bobby still gave up 2 home runs. Man, we suck.

On Sunday, the Red Sox completed the clean sweep as they won 9-3. Jason Berken got lit up (6 earned runs in 3 innings) and Dice-K held the O's to 3 runs. Luke Scott homered for the O's.

The BWP Clipped Wing Award winner for this game is... Jason Berken!


See you soon with more depressing news from Baltimore!