Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A very special quasi-end of summer post to you and yours.

Hello there, the ~28 people who somehow still read this site.

As you may have realized, our grandiose plans to post fast and easy this summer were dashed by the fact that, you know, nothing the fuck goes on during the summer. Also, a quick run-down of personal reasons why we all stopped writing:

Rob: Worked two jobs and lost a general zest for life
John: Lost fingers in an horrific pie-eating snafu
Greg: Died
Rich: Died
Nick: Actually didn't stop writing. This is like in 10th grade Algebra when we all got in trouble because we stopped working in class and bombed a test, and while the teacher was reaming us out, Nick was like, "dude, I got an A." Fuck you, Nick.

But as summer winds down, we actually are going to pick things back up, because it's senior year of college, and screw it. Here's some things you can expect:

We're Aren't Experts Football Previews
Great State Hate Debate '09 ('10?)
Rob Gindes Unplugged
Blazing With Phelps Rewrites History

And the discontinuation of ideas that sucked, like News From the Real World. Which I think had a certain zest to it, but ultimately was sort of terrible. You try coming up with stuff during the summer.

Anyways, school is starting for all of us within, like, the month. So we're all going to start writing again. And maybe taking on new authors and firing Rich and stuff. So keep checking back as we slowly--but surely--get back into gear 'n stuff.

Happy holidays

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