Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We're Aren't Experts: Quarter Way Round Up: AL West

AL WEST - Pre-Season Predictions
1. Angels
2. Athletics
3. Rangers
4. Mariners

AL WEST - Quarter Way Standings
1. Rangers
2. Angels
3. Mariners
4. Athletics

Texas Rangers: So it turns out I was right about their hitting (a retarded chimp could have predicted that). But it seems I was a little unfair to their pitchers when I compared them to Michael J. Fox. With a collective 4.49 ERA, their starters rank 16th in the majors which is more than serviceable when your offense averages 5.43 runs per game. If the Rangers can stay healthy, their offense is dangerous enough to get them into the playoffs.

California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Greater Tri-State Area: I still think this team can win the division. The returns of John Lackey and Ervin Santana from the DL, should bolster their pitching staff the rest of the way. The fact that Vlad Guerrero is old as dirt and hobbles worse than an 80 year old man is a little disconcerting but hopefully the Angels can get past that and beat those pesky Rangers.

Seattle Mariners: Well look at this, Seattle is somehow not in last place. It must be their ass cause it aint their face. And by that I mean, it must be their pitching because it aint their hitting. And after a little research, this is absolutely the case. They have the 6th best ERA in the majors but they still have a -28 run differential. They are the anti-Rangers and don't expect them to seriously compete for the playoffs the rest of the way.

Oakland Athletics: That whole bringing Jason Giambi back didn't really seem to work out as he is just barely hitting above the Mendoza Line (.219). The Athletics' offense is just slightly better than the Mariners', but I think there is room for improvement. Matt Holliday has been piss poor most of the season, and if he can break out, look for the A's to surge in the standings and then trade him just before the Trade Deadline, setting up a slow fade for the A's down the stretch. The A's are too easy to predict.

All in all, I did a pretty horrible job of predicting this division so far. But we are only 1/4 of the way through the MLB season so there is still time. The Mud Dogs are gonna win 30 to 27. That aint no guess. That's what it's gonna be.

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