Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Aren't Experts: Quarter Way Round Up: AL East

Prior to this baseball season, We're Aren't Experts debuted, much to the dismay of Brewers fans. It was a simpler time, when Chet was a mere guest writer, and BWP was stealing bread to support our large immigrate families. How times have changed. Now, 1/4 of the way through the season, it's time to take a half-baked look at our half-baked predictions. First up is the AL East. The extrapolation is based on win percentage as of May 31, with wins rounded up or down accordingly.

AL EAST- Pre-Season Prediction
1. Boston 98-64
2. Tampa Bay 95-67
3. New York 88-74
4. Baltimore 75-87
5. Toronto 69-93

AL EAST- Extrapolation

1. New York 94-68
2. Boston 92-70
3. Toronto 89-73
4. Tampa Bay 76-86
5. Baltimore 73-89

Boston: Expert or not, I don't think anyone saw this Ortiz thing coming. Never the less, the bats are alive at Fenway. The Angel of Death, Jason Bay, has silenced all critics of the Manny trade, myself included. Varitek has come back from the dead and is having a productive year, but it is naive to assume this will last. Their pitching has been iffy, but their offense is picking up the slack. If they keep hitting, the Sox will remain in contention all year.

New York: A-Rod's return has been a real shot in the arm, or wherever it is you inject steroids, for the Yanks. The biggest beneficiary of this has been Teixeira, who has been living up to his price tag since A-Rod's return. Chin Mang-Astronomical ERA came in for relief work yesterday, and pitched 2 innings of scoreless ball. His sinker ball is actually sinking, which lead to plenty of ground ball outs. I hate to say it, but the Yanks look scary this year. Their big acquisitions are beginning to pay dividends. The Yanks look like they will challenge the Sox for the title, and I dare say they might have the edge.

Tampa Bay: Upton can't suck this bad forever. Longoria is living up to his name by putting up MVP type numbers. Despite their pitching woes, the Rays have the best run differential in the division. They are 5-11 in 1 run games, so their record could easily be a whole lot better than what it is. They will stick around for sure, but they simply don't have the depth to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees this year.

Baltimore: The O's sport arguably the best 1-2-3 hitter combo in the majors, with Roberts, Jones, and Markakis all in the top 10 in runs scored in the AL. Weiters is sure to add to the offensive attack. The weak spot remains the pitching, as 4/5 of the current start rotation were in the minors at opening day. Chet has all you need to know about the Orioles, so I direct you to the O's Recaps for further reading.

They started out hot, but have fizzled once they started actually playing their own division. They are getting plenty of hits this year, but lately aren't scoring runs. The Jays went about .500 in the month of May, and all signs point to this trend continuing through out the year. This would make them a contender in the AL or NL central, but doesn't quite make the cut in the AL East.

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