Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raul Ibanez Does Steroids

Can we get on the ESPN Bottom Line now?

So, the quarter way point of the MLB season has come and gone, so NL quarter way roundups will become All Star break round ups. Keep in mind these predictions included a spot on the Brewers starting rotation through winning a radio contest and an outlook of the Atlanta Thrashers NHL team. If you expected more out of us then I pity you.

Last night's Nationals game was one for the ages. After a 2 hour rain delay in the middle of the 9th, the Nationals further infuriated their fan base by managing to tie the game in the bottom half of the inning. The estimated attendance at the start of the 10th inning: 33. Seriously...the announcer did a head count. In other words, my 4th period history class in 11th grade held as many people as a professional baseball stadium.

The point is, Blazing With Phelps, the site that nobody reads and for which nobody writes, has more viewers than the Nationals. Fantastic.

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