Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I learned from Google Trends

So Google, true to its oath of constantly churning out new ways to probe the colon of the web, put out Google Trends a while ago, where you can type in a search term and see a graph of its search popularity, as well as where it's most frequently searched from.  I have trolled the depths of the internet to bring you some little tidbits of knowledge that are hidden within.

—Pakistan is the hands-down worldwide leader in searches for horse fucking.

"Dung" is the great comeback story of 2008.  "Shit" was the unchallenged leader in manurial searches for a long time, but then dung charged out of nowhere and, despite a weird random drop around Valentine's Day (coincidence?!  Yep.), now sits atop the board.  Also note the bizarrely rapid increase in dung-related news stories.

"Me" trumps "Jesus."  Even on Christmas.  And especially in stupid, heatheny New Zealand.  Note the particularly selfish graphlump in December 2007.

—Every time there's a spike in "masturbation," there's a decline in "depression."  Certainly explains why Rob is so happy.

More to come.  Many more to come.

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