Thursday, May 28, 2009

This post is only somewhat O's related

We haven't really been updating lately, because frankly there isn't anything to talk about. Baseball is in the awkward puberty stage of the season, there is no football, and Basketball and Hockey are in their playoffs. Just a terrible time for sports.

ESPN is staying the course, sucking off Kobe and LeBron like they have been all season. When the Conference Finals got underway, confusing commercials debuted with LeBron and Kobe puppets in a coke den or something. It was assumed the Cavs and Lakers would sweep their series and face in a ultimate showdown of destiny and marketing. Except that's not happening. The Cavs are a LeBron buzzer beater away from being swept by the Magic, and the Lakers seem destined for a Game 7 against the Nuggets.

Why is the NBA panicking? This is probably the best thing that could have happened. Hype up your game's biggest stars, then have them lose. The casual NBA fan does not watch any one of these games if the Cavs and Lakers rape their series like they were supposed to.

It's a crazy thought. Return to the basic definition of sports, in that opponents actually have a match to determine a winner rather than mandating one before the game is played, and people actually watch. Brilliant!

As for Hockey, the Stanley Marsh Finals are set. It's the Shitty Blue-Collar City Bowl Rematch: Red Wings and Penguins. Original 6 team involved for the second year in a row. 5/6 original 6 make the playoffs, the only exception my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs. Should have been a great year for hockey. Should have been. Should have been...

On the topic of "Should Have Been," we really should be updating more than Orioles recaps. We'll get on that. Or not. Nobody reads this. In any case, BWP is taking a field trip to Camden Yards tomorrow to check out St. Wieters' major league debut against Dontrelle "D-(emotional)Train(wreck)" Willis. If he has less than 6 RBI and 3 runners caught stealing, I'm expecting full scale riots. I can't wait.

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