Sunday, May 10, 2009

O's Win, Still Have No Fans.

The O's beat the Evil Empire tonight 12-5 in front of a less than capacity crowd at the Yard. Phil Hughes got his shit rocked by almost everyone in the O's lineup (including Lou Montanez surprisingly) in an embarrassing performance that will most certainly result in him getting sent down to the minors.

Adam Eaton got another win, while raising his ERA to 7.18. If this were any other team, Eaton would have been cut by now, but as you all know by now, we have a pitching problem.

The O's go for the series win tomorrow as Koji Uehara goes up against Joba Chamberlain in a classic East vs. West match up. The Hunan Hurler vs. The Nebraskan Nightmare. Who will win? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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  1. Joba Chamberlin pitching on Mother's Day?......nope, still not going there.