Monday, May 4, 2009

Obligatory Sunday Monday Post: May 4

Good morning, Vietnam. And all the other countries that we don't get pageviews from.

Granted, it's been Monday for three hours and eight minutes, but my internal clock is off* so you're getting an obligatory Sunday post now. Suck a lemon.

A few things of note:

- Penn State exams are coming up, and then Maryland exams, and I'm forgetting when Virginia Tech exams are. So while that's happening, we're basically going to be cycling in and out because while we have exams the blog posts are going to decrease from that particular population. So for a little bit, me and John are picking up the pace, and then Greg and Nick are going to carry the weight after this week or so. Just in case you were wondering. Rich will continue to suck.

- Thanks to everyone for your support. After finals are over, we're going to have a lot more time to take care of your needs. Great State Hate Debate is going to make its triumphant return soon, as will our new feature, We hate your school, sort of the "I love the 90s" to the Hate Debate's "I love the 80's." Which is to say, 75 percent as funny.

- The Facebook group is going strong and I want to see if we can do any cool shit with it. Probably not, but whatever.

- You Got Served is on USA now. This is wonderful for me.

- I have a column coming out tomorrow, which is number six of six that I wrote within a two-week span. I have one more coming out, and then over the summer all of my column ideas are going to translate into column-like posts here. So enjoy that! I know I will.

- Questions, comments, concerns? Tell them to Nick or Rich, I don't want to hear it. Or send it to


  1. VT exams start this weekend, and I'll be done by next Tuesday.

  2. greg doesn't have any hard exams or any hard work in general but he will continue to not post