Thursday, May 7, 2009

Manny Ruins Baseball, Razes Los Angeles, A-Rod Somehow Involved

Manny Ramirez was given a 50 game vacation by the MLB today for a "non analytical positive" for documents linking him to a banned substance. Scott Boras' master plan is almost complete.

I'm a little confused about this. I assumed Major League Baseball knew Manny was juicing and was letting him play anyway, kind of like when the special kid would run to third instead of first in tee ball. Manny is admitting the use, claiming he took a prescription drug he didn't know was on the banned list. Thats tough to justify, but then again most of what Manny does is hard to justify. BWP Medical Specialist Sage Rosenfels has obtained a photo of the prescription in question.

Manny's legacy is now tainted, or something. I find that hard to believe. Was Manny on the needle and did this augment his stats? Debatable. But would he have taken a piss in the Green Monster and listen to his iPod in the outfield regardless of steroid use? Absolutely.

It's worth noting that Manny, like A-Rod, is a client of MLB agent and doucher Scott Boras. It's the bait and switch. I'm starting to think Scott Boras is the architect behind the steroids and AIDS conspiracy I've been floating around. Only time will tell, but no matter how this plays out, Boras and Rodriguez are defiantly knocking boots.

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