Thursday, May 28, 2009


As much as I enjoy giving away the Clipped Wing Award, I really could get used to this whole winning thing. After tonight's 5-1 win, the O's find themselves in the middle of a 4 game winning streak and they have won 6 of their last 7. And with Tampa Bay's loss today, the O's are no longer in sole possession of last place in the AL East!

The greatest thing about this recent string of success is the contributions the O's are getting from their young players. Tonight's game was won by David Hernandez, who gave up 1 earned run in 5 2/3 innings while striking out 3.

The O's offensive attack was led by Luke Scott (who's swinging a hot bat ever since he was activated from the DL). Scott homered twice and drove in 4 runs. Rookie Nolan Reimold added a home run of his own to account for the other Orioles' run.

Tomorrow is the day every die hard O's fan has been waiting for. It is finally Weiters time. And excuse me while I go on a rant for a paragraph or two...

A few friends and I tried to get tickets for the O's game tomorrow and it turns out all of the cheap tickets are already sold out (which hasn't happened at Camden Yards for like 8 years). I'm willing to let it slide seeing as it is a fireworks night...

But I swear if the O's start to do well and a bunch of people start running around wearing O's hats and shirts and shit, and pretend like they have been rooting for this team all along I will go on some type of shooting spree. Being a bandwagon fan is my biggest pet peeve and if I think that you are guilty of this sin, I will equalize you.

...Back to happy land... I am excited for tomorrow and I really am starting to feel like the O's have a pretty bright future. Please don't screw it up Angelos.

Love, Chet


  1. AMEN maan fuck bandwagon bitches...Weiters will be a stud

  2. Well...I guess I should come out right now and say I'm rooting for the O's so that you don't shoot me in the face...