Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In Case Of Favre Emergency Survival Guide

When we last left our hero, Favre was txt flrtng with the Vikings. The Vikings are still interested in Favre, despite his hard to get approach. Minnesota fans are acting accordingly: by losing their shit. In the event of Brett Favre possibly signing with your team:

1. Drive. Just keep driving. No matter how drunk you are or how far your baby flies from the car. Just keep going.

2. Riot. No matter how pointless, fight anyone and anything you see.

3. Arm yourself. If other fans of your team support the move, take action.

4. Pot. Get stoned and just wait it out.

Minnesotans. Trust in Sage Rosenfels and do not let this asshole come back in to the league. If your state falls in to decadence and immorality usually reserved for Sodom and Gomorrah, perhaps the Bible-Belter will be content with hanging out at high schools. Favre keeps getting older, but them high school receivers stay the same age.

Favre has openly said he wants to come back only to he Vikings to enact some sort of revenge on the Packers. I don't see how throwing a few picks is considered revenge, but whatever. What more do you want out of the Vikings? Last years team made it to the playoffs and folded. What better can you hope for with Favre?

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