Saturday, May 9, 2009

Double O's Recap.

Sorry for my display of negligence over the last couple days. I really have no excuse. Just laziness and a waning interest in the Orioles.

The O's won on Thursday night against the Twins to complete the sweep (although it was a two game series so I'm not counting it). Once again I didn't see the the game but I'm assuming our players did better than their players or else we just got lucky. Who cares.

Tonight, the O's opened up their weekend series against the Yankees in exciting fashion with a 4-0 loss in which they could only muster 5 base runners all game. C.C. Sabathia pitched all 9 innings and A-Rod blasted a 3 run homer on his first pitch back from steroids. The only way the outcome could have been more upsetting is if Mark Teixiera jumped into the stands and raped poor, innocent children. Instead he just struck out a bunch of times, so maybe that's a silver lining.

Tonights BWP Clipped Wing Award winner is... Peter Angelos!!

This one doesn't need an explanation but I'll give one anyways. Fuck you Peter Angelos. Fuck you right in your stupid, ugly face. I remember back in elementary school when everyone was psyched about Opening Day. All of the teachers would give no homework and we would sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the opening announcements. Everyone was proud to root for the O's and had fun doing it.

I'm obviously not in elementary school anymore, but I can guarentee you this shit doesn't happen anymore. I blame Peter Angelos for the huge amount of young kids in Maryland choosing lacrosse over baseball. I blame Peter Angelos for running the O's into the ground. And most of all I blame Peter Angelos for making it painful to watch Baltimore baseball.

I don't care how this whole Clipped Wing Award things ends up, Angelos deserves to win it. What a worthless fuck.

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