Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Clipped Wing Award Update.

Since I didn't start awarding the BWP Clipped Wing Award until the 7th loss of the season, I decided it makes sense to go back and retroactively award the CWA for the first 6 losses. So without further ado, here are the BWP CWA winners for each game, including a short description.

4/9 - Loss 11-2 to Yankees: Aubrey Huff - 0/4, 1 strikeout, 3 runners left on base

In a game where the O's gave up a lot of runs, no pitcher was bad enough to earn the award. Huff was the worst of all the hitters so he gets it.

4/12 - Loss 11-3 to Rays: Brian Bass - 3 1/3 innings pitched, 7 earned runs

Look at the stats. No explanation needed.

4/15 - Loss 19-6 (Yikes!) to Rangers: Mark Hendrickson - 3 2/3 innings pitched, 9 runs

This one was tough because only 2 of Hendrickson's runs were earned due to errors by Brian Roberts and Cesar Izturis. But I couldn't resist the opportunity to give Hendrickson another CWA.

4/17 - Loss 10-8 to Red Sox: Aubrey Huff - 1/5, 2 strikeouts, 4 runners left on base

In addition to this horrible line, Huff added an error that led to 3 unearned runs. Come on Bubba.

4/18 - Loss 6-4 to Red Sox: Adam Eaton - 4 innings pitched, 9 hits, 6 earned runs

I knew I remembered Adam Eaton having a really bad start back in April. Here it is.

4/19 - Loss 2-1 to Red Sox: Felix Pie - 0/3, 1 strikeout, 4 runners left on base

The O's pitching finally showed up and the bats disappeared. Shocking!

That should do it. I look forward to giving out about 100 of these over the rest of the season. Orioles Magic to all and to all a good night.

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