Monday, May 11, 2009

Aubrey Huff Fist Pump Does Not Fire Up The O's.

The Orioles lost 5-3 to the Yankees this afternoon, putting them at 13-19 overall on the season.

The only highlight for the O's in today's game occurred in the 1st inning when Aubrey Huff hit a 3 run HR off of Joba Chamberlain. As Huff rounded 1st base, and again when he crossed home plate, he mocked Chamberlain's signature fist pump. I can't blame Huff for doing it. Playing for the O's all season has to get pretty boring and miserable so the players have to find some way to spice it up.

Today's BWP Clipped Wing Award winner is... Jim Johnson!

This one was pretty easy and doesn't require much of an explanation. Johnson gave up the game winning 3 run HR to Johnny Damon in the 7th. The O's bullpen sucks.

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