Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Vikings Can't Stop Collecting Terrible Quarterbacks

The front office of the Minnesota Vikings must have read my post about Noted BWP Supporter Sage Rosenfels. They agreed that the competition for the starting job needs a little zest. Their solution: Sean Glennon.

Sean Glennon is the quarterback Virginia Tech was stuck with before Tyrod Taylor got the hell out of the black athlete-producing shit hole (and not coincidentally my birthplace) Hampton, VA. Glennon sucks. I usually base my hatred on rumor and hearsay, but I've had the misfortune of watching this guy play for 3 years. ESPN has his career stats. He fared about as well in his 2 years as starter as his hairline. I thought the NFL learned its lesson about signing white Virginia Tech quarterbacks after the 49ers selected Jim Druckenmiller. Glennon is sure to set the record straight and prove once and for all how terrible white Virginia Tech quarterbacks really are.

The only person this move benefits is Sage Rosenfels. He will now look even better in his mediocrity by comparison. Good luck in "earning" the starting role, Sage. It's damn near impossible to screw it up now.

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