Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Sorry, it's a busy week for Ol' Rob.

I've written two columns in two days: One about the Office of Information Technology and their colossal screwup, and the other came out today about how much I hate the SGA election. What I really want to do is arrange Q&A sessions with all of the presidential candidates for the blog where I look hilarious and witty and I cut it up to make them look horrible. So how about it, guys?

Actually, there is one SGA presidential candidate that I support. Unfortunately, it's not for this school.

Maybe tomorrow I'm going to come out with something that has actual substance. Unfortunately for the three or four people that haven't stopped reading yet, the stuff I get paid for and school come first for some reason.

Sorry. I love you.


  1. If you're really serious about this journalism gig you'd ditch all your friends and stop doing homework.

    What a softie.