Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ozzie Newsome Sticking To His Guns As Usual

There's been a lot of talk circulating around Anquan Boldin being traded to the Ravens, but the two sides can't strike a deal for trade compensation. The Cardinals want a first and third, or a second and some player involved. Yet, as we have seen time and time again, Ozzie Newsome is telling Arizona that you can lick his big black balls, because he isn't budging. It doesn't look like the Ravens are willing to give up a first and a third, but are willing to deal the first round pick, and are flirting with the second rounder and a player.

We have the Cardinals right where we want them. Why on Earth would Ozzie dish out more than he's willing to when it is extremely well known that Boldin wants out of Arizona, and we are basically the only team willing to give a reasonable offer other than Philadelphia or the New York Football Giants (copyright Chris Berman), whom both don't seem that likely in the first place to trade for Boldin.

We only have six picks this year, and I'll be damned if we use two of them on a 28 year old receiver with a broken face.

Boldin could be the player that transcends this team to prominence this year, but at the price Arizona is offering, it's just too risky. With a talented crop of wide receivers in the draft, the return of Demetrius Williams, and the type of talent we find in rounds 3-7, it makes no sense to give in. We are basically saying, "we will give you a first round pick, we aren't giving you any more than that, so either take it or have a disgruntled wide out on your team that isn't going to give you any effort this year.

If I were the Ravens, I would go either four roads to address the wide receiver need:

1. Trade the first round draft choice for Boldin straight up, or even include a 4th
5th rounder, not a 3rd.

2. Trade the 2nd rounder and Todd Heap for Boldin. That allows you to keep your
first round pick and use it on a player like Ray Maualuga,James Laurinaitis,
or even a tight end like Brandon Pettigrew out of Oklahoma St. all while letting
go of the biggest disappointment in franchise history (Heap) other than Kyle

3. Trade your 1st and 4th rounder to move up in the first round and take Darrius
Heyward-Bey out of Maryland. He looks like the most capable receiver to make the
jump to the NFL in this years class other than Maclin and Crabtree.

4. Stay where you are at the 26th spot, and draft the best player available, receiver
or not. I have really high hopes for Demetrius Williams this year, and the signing
of L.J. Smith is going to help this offense more than people can imagine. The
holes at corner back, offensive tackle, and inside linebacker are more pressing
than wide receiver, so staying where you are and getting talent later in the
first round and throughout the draft is probably the best way to.

The draft is awesome for a Raven's fan because you know you're in good hands. We flat
out are the best franchise in the NFL at scouting players and allowing them to thrive in the NFL. Name one player that has left Baltimore and had a better career else where other than Priest Holmes (whom we gave up for other reasons. I bet you can name four or five that have gone on to shit the bed though in another city (I'm looking at you Adalius Thomas, Duane Starks, Jamie Sharper, Jamal Lewis, Edgerton Hartwell). In the end, we probably aren't going to land Boldin, and that's fine, because we are probably going to find the next Anquan Boldin, Ray Lewis, or Ed Reed in less than a week.

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