Thursday, April 23, 2009

O's Lose 8-2

In a game that featured another uninspired pitching performance by the O's, John Danks was nearly un-hittable for the White Sox. The O's could only muster 2 runs all game and when the other team scores 8, that means a loss.

The only good news is, with another O's loss comes another opportunity to give out the BWP Clipped Wing Award! Today the lucky receipient is... Greg Zaun!

Zaun went 0/3 yesterday to lower his batting average to a robust .122 and added a throwing error to top it all off (not to mention he looks like a retarded grandpa). I knew having Zaun in our lineup would blow but I didn't imagine it being this bad. As soon as this whole arbitration crap is cleared, we better bring Wieters up ASAP. I know we aren't going anywhere this year but it would be nice to watch Wieters develop and maybe it would bring attendance up a little (doubtful).

Today, the O's go for a win in the rubber game of the 3 game series. The pitching match up is Adam Eaton against Bartolo Colon, so if you are a gambler (listen up Kenny Rogers) I would take the over on runs scored in this one. You can thank me later.

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