Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On BWP, the summer, AIDS, whatever.

Hey-lo friends. Few things.

1. My writing has been limited. This happens when you work for multiple different blogs and write columns. I'm trying to give you quality, but I've been sapped dry by writing columns every week. Luckily, the content here just keeps getting better* and better*, so you've got that.

2. I'm going to start writing again very soon. Namely as soon as the semester is over and I've got a ton more free time. Gr8St8238h23 will be going strong. And we're going to add more features.

3. The nightly Orioles recap will continue to be provided to you courtesy of Nick.

4. If you haven't already, please go ahead and join our Facebook fan page. Somehow we allegedly have 67 fans. Um... thanks?

5. AIDS.

6. Blazing With Phelps always welcomes guest blogs, if they don't fucking suck. So don't e-mail us with guest posting ideas at blogofthecentury[at]

7. That's about it. Go Caps.

I love you

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