Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Isiah Thomas: Crazy. Chris McKendry: Crazier?!

So I don't know if you caught the interview on SportsCenter whenever that was today, but Chris McKendry decided to take Isiah to school. It went something like this:

"Hey, Zeke."
"Oh, hello there Chris."
"Congrats on the new coaching gig."
"Yes, it's certainly time for a new start."
"Yeah great, so anyways, remember how you tried to kill yourself and said it was your daughter? Was that because of the sexual assault thing?"
"The... what?"
"Do you want to live?"
"I'm sorry?"
"Do you enjoy life? Do you want to kill yourself?"

Most of that was fabricated and/or made-up, but it was sorta based off of what really happened. Basically, Zeke came on and McKendry started firing off questions left and right about his checkered past, while he sat via satellite with a frozen smile on. Any time the reporter is making Isiah Thomas look confused and scared, you're dealing with some high-quality crazy.

After her barrage, Thomas started looking around desperately like "Seriously? This white bitch?" and doing that fake laugh Obama did during the presidential debates whenever McCain said something bad about him. All around, it was uncomfortable.

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  1. agreed. terrible sports anchor. she needs to stick to womens college basketball.