Friday, April 3, 2009

I was a teenaged presidential candidate, part 1.

For a fun column with a web video and stuff for the Diamondback, I'm running for president for a day today, and hopefully I'm going to be able to get out some good material from my handful of hours on the trail.

Here's the plan right now: at about 5 pm, me and my "campaign team" are going to head out to a dorm on north campus and start going door to door and shoving a camera in peoples' faces. I have lollipops to give them for their trouble.

I want to know what people really care about in the SGA election and what they don't care about and probably most importantly, what they don't know about and what they wish they knew about. So there will be some laughs and some tears and hopefully we'll all get to learn something.

Right now I'm working on the "VOTE ROB" poster, so I'll put it up here in a second.

The video is going to have a montage of doors slamming in my face.

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