Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Night for Teams Named "Rangers"

So much for the sweep. It seems that we have a trend starting. The Orioles will win the first two games of a series and then get obliterated in the 3rd game. Oh well. If we keep up this pace, we are playoff bound!

This loss wasn't quite as bad as the 30-3 shellacking that the Rangers placed on us last season, but it wasn't far off. The final score: 19-6.

Mark Hendrickson did the O's proud and only gave up 9 runs (apparently only 2 of these were earned) and the O's bullpen did their best to stop the bleeding, giving up only 10 ER after Hendrickson was yanked. When you are playing the Rangers, a brilliant pitching performance like this usually keeps you in the game, but the O's bats just didn't show up tonight.

We open up a big 4 game series with the Sox on Friday that has serious playoff implications. I like our chances to win at least two of them. We're coming for you John.

In other local sports news, the Fightin' Ovechkins lost a heart breaker tonight to who else but the fucking Rangers, 4-3 in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (I'm going to pretend to care). I still think the Caps can win the series, but they need to step the fuck up and also punch Sean Avery in the face.

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