Sunday, April 5, 2009


Baseball season is upon us again. We're 5 innings deep in the Braves at Phillies opener, and a few things are clear:

1. Brett Myers is not a happy camper
2. K-Zone has yet to replace the home plate umpire, keeping us safe from the machine revolt for one more year
3. Phillies fans are a perfect 2 for 2 in interference opportunities
4. ESPN's cameramen are still in Spring Training form
5. ESPN's announcers are in mid-season form. Joe Morgan announced that he knows Phillies 1st Base Coach Davey Lopes, and knows Lopes will push his players to execute steals and build their confidence no matter how many times they get thrown out. In other words, Joe Morgan announced Davey Lopes has a job description and follows it. There was also a lively discussion over having the dominant eye facing the pitcher. As apposed to hitting a pinata, or something.
6. The Phillie Phenatic dresses in drag, picture coming tomorrow

Enjoy the season, and check back for further installments of We're Aren't Experts as we play revisionist history and bank on lack of long term memory. Tomorrow the Road to Ontario begins in the Best Spring Break Ever bracket, so get those last second votes in.

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