Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to Reality

Its Nick here with your Orioles update.

So today doesn't seem to be going quite as well as the last 2 games. But when you start Alfredo Simon how much can you really expect? All things considered, Simon didn't pitch horribly, giving up 3 of his 4 ER on two bad pitches that resulted in HRs, but it wasn't exactly a stellar performance.

The sell-out enthusiastic crowd of Opening Day is a distant memory, as there seems to be more Yankees fans in the crowd than Orioles fans. Early in the game, Roberts hit a fly ball three rows into the left field foul territory stands that Johnny Damon was able to catch with no opposition from the fans. Then a couple innings later, Swisher hit a long fly ball to the right field seats that was snatched out of Markakis' glove by a big black guy resulting in a 2 run HR. And just now as I type this, AJ Burnett is greeted with enthusiastic cheers from the Yankee faithful after a solid outing. Embarrassing.

I guess the game isn't technically over but judging by the way this one is going, lets just chalk it up as an L.

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