Monday, April 13, 2009

Adam Eaton Blows

This is Nick again writing about the O's loss today because it seems like Greg only likes to write about the wins.

In what we can only hope becomes a theme this year, the Orioles put up an uninspired performance while going for a series sweep. With Adam Eaton, or Toby Keith with Down Syndrome as I like to call him, on the mound I knew there was no chance of winning but I hoped it would at least be close.

Alas, Eaton and the putrid O's bullpen destroyed my hopes and dreams and made me about as angry as a die-hard O's fan, who has had to deal with 13+ losing seasons, can be during an early April baseball game.

We open up a series with the Rangers tomorrow which promises to be a trio of games devoid of anything that even resembles pitching. If you have any fantasy hitters on either the O's or the Rangers, get them in your lineups for the next few games because they are sure to lead your team to fantasy glory.

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