Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jim Rome apparently just caught wind of Florida commemorating "The Pledge" with a plaque in the locker room.

So, that's it. They just put up a plaque commemorating a speech that rallied a team to follow through, not lose a game, and win the BCS Championship. I don't understand how this is news in the first place. I put up a poster the other day, but I didn't feel the need to call a press conference. But I digress. This piece of non-news was enough to cut Romey to the core.

"What's next? Are you gonna tell me he can walk on water? That he can then turn that water into wine?"

So, Tebow's devout faith, his humanitarian work, even the fact that he lived in a leper colony (!!!!) is all well and good. Nope, nothing Jesus-like going on there. But a plaque is put up in a locker room, and Rome is ready free Barabus. Sounds about right. Now we're into the forum. Everyone seems to be in agreement that this plaque is crossing the line, and that people need to stop making Tebow out to be a prophet. I really do not know why I watch as much ESPN as I do. It makes my head hurt.

And now for something completely different. This post is a perfect excuse to put up what may be the best interview anyone has ever conducted, with the Gus Johnson Spike Lee interview in the post below. Enjoy.

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