Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That Was Close

BWP would like to thank noted supporter of this website David Wright for saving America from embarrassment. The 1 out double in the bottom of the 9th advanced America to the semi-finals of the best thing out there that nobody cares about aside from blazingwithphelps.com, the World Baseball Classic. I wonder what superstar will get bored and exaggerate an energy to go home next. I'd love to say Jeter...but it's probably going to be Youkilis. Then again, we're aren't experts.

Addendum from Rob: I wanted to post about the WBC as well but obvs John beat me to it. That was face-punchingly awesome. Also, will someone explain to me why J.C. Romero was allowed to pitch after failing a drug test? The announcer said it was because he tested positive during a non-WBC test, so he gets suspended from MLB for 50 games while still being able to pitch in the Classic. Why is this fair? Even still though, it was funny hearing the announcers (The exceedingly likeable team of HR, Al Leiter and Matt Vasgersian--is it that fucking hard, Fox and ESPN?) talk about Romero's "power curve" and "intensity."

But I digress. After Roid Rage Romero got out of the game, B-Rob hit a s-ingle and J-Roll drew a w-alk. Can we start coming up with nicknames that arent just the first initial of the first name and the first syllable of the last name please? Some people have awesome nicknames (Curtis "Baby Grand" Granderson, Lance "Big Puma" Berkman, Roy "Doc" Halladay) and exactly zero of these awesome nicknames are the default Letter-Syllable. Somewhere, someone tried to call Curtis Granderson C-Grand, I'd bet. And it's horrible. Just horrible.

Anyways, back to the game. The win means we've reached the semifinals (and clinched a better finish than the dismal '06 campaign) where we'll meet two of Cuba, Korea and Japan (one of the latter two punches its ticket tonight, then the other two meet and the winner of that game advances. If there is a tie, sack races will be held on consecutive Sundays to determine a champion).

I hope you're enjoying the last 33 minutes of St. Patrick's day, because afterwards you're just an alcoholic.


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  1. Regarding Romero, it has to do with the fact the United States is not watching the WBC....we didn't even keep the power on a switch that showed the feed from a stationary camera