Monday, March 2, 2009

Sneaux Daix

Hooray! Even though we didn't get the 10 inches of snow we were promised by the evil weathermen, we still got enough to cancel class.

Of course, I only had one class today and might still have to work for four hours, but, baby steps.

I wrote this column today and I'm really proud of it. Unfortunately no one will see it because it's not listed on the website and when you do click on it, it has the wrong byline. But whatevs.

Update: actually, it kind of matters. Seeing as how it's a snow day and no one's going to, you know, go outside and get a newspaper, I figure no one's going to read this unless it's online. So, seeing as how it's under the wrong byline online, this might be my first column that is read by exactly zero people. And I wouldn't be upset but I actually liked this one.



  1. There better be more posts tagged "cruel twists of fate" up soon. I'll hook you up with a few.

    Also, all is not lost: standard snow-day procedure is to put new ads in the missed paper and just print it again. It may still see the light of day. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE MAN.

  2. The good thing is that if you go on the FB fan group page, it does link to that article. Does it count that the article does have you as the contact at the end? Probably not.

  3. Update: They fixed your byline! There is a god...