Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obligatory Sunday Post: 3/29

Welp, we got lazy again and now we're back to having no readers.

This has been a solid stretch nonetheless for Blazin' With Phelps. We found out that Will Leitch reads us. Someone stumbled upon my Nebraska Hate Debate and posted it on the forums for We're really pushing the brand name right now.

We've also reached some pretty sweet milestones: 4,000 unique views and 10,000 page views (!). So I mean Jesus, thanks. It really means a lot to me.

Budweiser On tap for this week: I have a column coming out in the newspaper tomorrow that I can't wait to talk about here. It's tied to a story unearthed and expertly reported by Rich (who has sadly discontinued his blog for the time being at least), and I'd definitely like for either him to come on here and talk about it, or maybe do a Q&A.

We've also got more Great State Hate Debates coming, as well as possibly the debut of "We Hate Your School," as well as another new feature that may or may not exist if we can get it to actually, like, work.

Anyways, thanks, and check back tomorrow for that great content you've come to expect.

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