Sunday, March 22, 2009

More housekeeping! Suck it!

So the best spring break bracket is going to start being available to your right ------>.

Please vote, 'cause we like to feel like people actually read this site. We'll leave it up for some undisclosed amount of time, and you can find the polls to the right. Maybe Round 1 for a week or so. Who knows? Surely not me.

Anyways, school is starting back up for me this week, but updates are still going to be plentiful and you senses will be satisfied. So please keep checking back, as I promise we're going to finish up We're Aren't Experts this week, as well as throw down a bunch more Gr8St8H8Deb809s and you will feel good about yourself.

I suppose this could count as the "obligatory Sunday post" but whatever. I'd also like to thank all of the people who have come back and been supporting the site in droves lately. Coming soon: Blazing With Phelps on Facebook! (Er, even though we already sort of are on Facebook). And then, who knows? This Blazing With Phelps is some kind of something.

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