Saturday, March 21, 2009

Memphis vs. Maryland: Your humble preview

Think Memphis is going to crush Maryland? You're not alone.

Yep, the people at ESPN's streak for the cash figure it's going to be close between UConn's margin of victory over Texas A&M and Memphis's margin of victory over Maryland. Which is pretty much the only reason they're going to play this game.

You're probably (not) wondering: Hey Rob, you like liveblogging. Are you going to liveblog this game? The answer, dear reader, is neigh. When you liveblog, you don't get to enjoy the game all that much because you're busy trying to make a new joke every two minutes while fending off some commenter named "Pinella's Pinata." It's much better from a fan's perspective to just watch.

So here's your preview, in the "we're aren't experts" vein:

I haven't seen Memphis play all year, but I keep all my old Sports Illustrateds and I have one from 2006, the "Where are they now?" edition. In it, they have a "Where will they be?" which spotlighted precocious young talent that will surely be awesome in the future. This included a 16-year-old Tyreke Evans.

Evans is now the scary monster that scores points for Memphis, and will be matched up on the Venuzuelan Vanguard of Vivacious Flirtatious Sensations, Greivis Vasquez, who is very emotional. This will surely be an important matchup.

On the other hand, Maryland is very streaky and can beat anyone in the country, as well as lose to anyone in the country. One thing helping Maryland is that Memphis doesn't have an overabundance of size, which means more pesky rebounds from Sugar Sean Mosley. In the end though, Memphis really outclasses us. But will they show up? Because if it wasn't for an unheralded man named Sallie, we'd be playing a 15-seed right now.

I don't think I'm going to throw a score out there because of bad karma. So I'll leave it to Mr. T.

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