Monday, March 9, 2009

I wrote a flavorful and delicious column today.

Hey dudes, busy week for me (but next week is spring break so check back all week because I won't be doing jack).

This is a column I wrote for today.

Someone commented and said this:

I hate to think this is the "quality" of students produced by the journalism department. If you want to get by with such a bland writing style, at least be clever while being concise.

Ouch! I hate when people use unnecessary quotes when they don't make sense to use. Also, why does everyone who hates my columns always say its a bad reflection on the j-school? I hate the j-school.

PS: The fuck's a "Robert"?

PPS: Also, new feature on BWP coming soon (in addition to We're Aren't Experts and Gr8St8H8Deb809) is going to be called "We hate your school," a running series on various colleges and why they are awful. You've been sitting pretty for too long, North Alabama!


  1. How about a "best of the Dback message boards" series?

  2. if by best you mean worst.