Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deadspin makes a horrible mistake

You may or may not recall my ill-fated liveblog from Maryland-Duke II this year. Well, come Thursday we have a first-round contest with the Cal Bears and I'm going to try to re-create some of that magic (On Greg Paulus: "You're a little shit and everyone wants a free shot at your face. Go to hell you little chipmunk bastard." On Jay Bilas: "Piss off, you weird-headed jerk." Truly the next great writer to come out of this journalism program).

Anyways, that brings me to Live Blog II: Blogger and Liver. Except this time, I got into contact with the guy who I stole the little-pictures-with-the-score idea from (Matt Sussman) and now I'm going to be liveblogging Maryland-Cal for Deadspin. This requires a small jump from a web site that received 80 visits yesterday to a web site that received just under 530,000. So... I'm horrified.

I'll plug BWP at least once while trying to remain witty and insightful. So like, if 1 percent of their readership stumbles upon this site... we'll have to call Thursday "Outlier Day."

Yesterday (by which I mean Tuesday) was extremely successful for BWP. We're going to keep the momentum going tomorrow and for the rest of this week and beyond. So thanks for somehow sticking with us for the first month (PS: This is the 31st day of BWP) and reading all our random crap. It's been an awesome for me especially and hopefully we can continue to grow the brand name for all you out there in internet land.


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