Monday, March 2, 2009

College Quote of the Day

If you have ever gone to college, you have most undoubtedly heard someone on the bus, at the gym, in class, on the phone taking a shit, etc. talk about how wasted (WOOOOO!!!!) they got the night before, and say it loud enough so that everyone in the tri-county area knows about it. My friends and I always do a guitar riff to signify the occasion of douchebagery that sounds similar to this.
Today was no exception as I'm walking out of the gym, I walk in on this little gem of a conversation between two broskis that had just finished sweating on each other:

Meathead 1: So then I was so fucking black out that I just punched a whole in Jeff's wall dude.

Meathead 2: Oh shit dude. I don't think I've ever broken anything when I've been drunk. Come to think of it, the only time I ever broke anything while I've been drinking, I was pretty sober.

Meathead 1: What the fuck were you doing sober dude?

Meathead 2: Oh shit, good call, lets oil each other up and scissor.

Ok, maybe the last part wasn't true, but the look they gave each other definetly insinuated it.


  1. that was you and nork talking after we broke the frat where kibby was staying freshman year don't lie

  2. that might be true

  3. ive only broken bones when i was wasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!