Monday, February 16, 2009

Your Ad Here, sponsored by Pepsi

BlazingWithPhelps offers a rare power combo that is rarely found outside Dave and Buster's: Not only is our writing crisp and witty, but we've also gotten off the ground with an absolutely puzzling amount of pageviews in our first three days.

A lot of my favorite places to go on the web (Post Secret, Maddox for instance) staunchly oppose overt advertising despite how insanely lucrative it would be, out of a sense of moral fiber. We here at BlazingWithPhelps have no such moral fiber (see: Greg's post about Roberto Alomar) and will gladly accept your dirty, filthy advertising money.

Bring on the advertising, we say! Blogger allows you to put Google Ads on your site on the right side and between posts, but that's not good enough for us. More ads, ads everywhere! I won't rest until EVERY WORD IS SPONSORED BY SOMEBODY. Miller Lite.

I want advertising IN the paragraphs. I don't care if they don't Fanta make sense. If I can get a penny for your click, I'm gonna get your mother fucking click. I don't care if I have to go to your house and push your KFC finger lickin' finger down onto your mouse button, I will.

At some point, we hope to get advertising deals with various people. If you're interested, drop us a line. We're also going to get some kind of e-mail, but only one comes free with the domain name. So maybe our first wide-scale contest is going to be asking you out there to e-mail me ( and tell me what you think our site e-mail should be. It's up to you, the people.

Thanks for helping us get to 300 hits in less than three days. I started a website in seventh grade and it took like a month to get to that, and I was viewing it myself like 10 times a day. So do that math... or actually, please don't.

So you do that and we'll keep bringing the funny.

Edit: Also, now there's a new hit counter that keeps track of unique views. So if you're wondering why the counter says "300" and the site meter says, like, "2," that's why. I'm hoping we don't find out in the next few days that like 10 of those hits are unique.

Edit part deux: Funny posts coming soon, instead of boring housekeeping posts.

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