Saturday, February 14, 2009

You say tomato, I say asshole

For years, I have had an irrational hatred of Brett Favre, based solely on the fact that everyone else seemed to love him. I think this irrational hatred is known as "douchebaggery." That may be the case, but we can smell our own. Let's take a look at this maverick (asshole).

The numbers are not up for debate, so let's see what he's got:

Favre holds every major passing record. Everyone seems to focus on this, but chooses to ignore his INT records, most for a QB and T-1st for playoff INTs. The cards/my hips don't lie.

When looking at the complete picture, can you really say Favre is one of the best all time? Legendary, yes. Noteworthy, yes. But is he really that good?

Say a marksman used a shotgun to shoot a target. Would it really be right to give him a pat on the back for hitting the bulls eye several times? Of course he's gonna hit the bulls eye when he has a scatter-shot all over the target. He's gonna miss the bulls eye a whole lot, and some shots are going to miss the target completely.

What I'm saying is, Brett Favre, for whatever reason, has been blessed by the Football Gods with longevity. He just doesn't get seriously injured. When you play 269 games, you're going to get a fair share of passing attempts. It's what you do with them that counts. Yes, Favre holds the record for career passes attempts and completions. But he does NOT hold the record for career completion percentage. Chad Pennington holds claim to that, the same Pennington the Jets ran out of town for their turn to suck on some Mississippi taint. Pennington lead the Dolphins to a remarkable turn-around to win the AFC East. Favre lead the Jets to a beautiful disaster comparable to the end of Fight Club.

Call him a gunslinger, call him a maverick, but ask who you would rather have behind center. I'd take someone who actually makes good reads over someone who just chucks the ball around hoping for the best (just hoping nothing happens.) Why does Favre have to keep retiring during the quieter months of sports year? I want my Sportscenter back. I'm just biding my time until baseball season so I can indulge in the kick-ass new MLB network and let this Favre trot off into the sunset and die. Er...story. This Favre story...yeah.

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