Friday, February 20, 2009

THON Starts Today!

Usually I won't talk about anything that doesn't have to do with sports, potty humor, or some combination of the two, but today is a little different because today marks the beginning THON weekend at Penn State.

You can read all about THON here but basically thousands of Penn State students go into our basketball gym (which is also important because there is never more than 300 people in there at any time, especially during basketball games) and have a 46 hour dance marathon to mark the culmination of fund raising that goes on all year round.

Last year we raised $6.6 million to pay for the medical costs of children with pediatric cancer. It's basically one of the only good things I get involved with and if you are thinking about getting involved or just thinking about getting involved with me (SINGLE LADIEEESSS, MAKE NOISE!), check out the site regardless and see just how awesome this thing really is.

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