Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reason 547 Why Wisconsin Sucks

I've always hated Wisconsin for several reasons (fat people, slight Canadian accents, my love of the 49ers during my youth, inventing AIDS, etc.) but ever since right field bleacher called us out, I just can't hold my grudge in anymore. So I'm going to give you more reasons why you should hate Wisconsin too.

Reason 547:You literally have the gayest flag in the union by far. Whoever made this had the creativity of a Mad TV writer. Hey, thanks for letting us know that this boring piece of shit that I'm looking at is the flag of Wisconsin in big fucking letters! I would attempt to hide the fact that this is your flag as much as possible rather than plaster it all over like a Peter North facial.
And what the hell is with the two flamers in the middle anyway? The one on the left is obviously a gay Klan member with his lynching rope and scarf while the other one is dressed like he's going to do some serious work on your ass rock with his pick ax (penis). Since I come from the land of greatest state flag ever maybe I'm a little spoiled, but seriously Wisconsin, instead of getting ten grand slams at Denny's, you should have put in more than five minutes of time in making this diarrhea ridden piece of toilet paper. Betsy Ross would literally shove the sewing needles she used to make the American Flag write up your ass.

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