Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning Musings: That Sucked

Well, I won't lie to you: Duke got us this year. But it did spawn one of my favorite columns to write this year, which hits newsstands Monday March 2. Basically, it was time to be Mr. Brightside and less of a negative Ned.

Thank you if you read my live blog of the game tonight. Today was a great day. We hit not only 3,000 pageviews but due to the refreshing of my blog, 3,500. And 1,000 visits. Awesome. Thanks for your support and/or blinding hatred. We also got this comment--"This blog is retarded"--from Eau Claire, Wisc. Thank you, Eau Claire! Now that you've hated on a blog you view for free and that asks nothing of or from you, you can go back to your miserable life loving Brett Favre and clogging your arteries. I was going to say that no one could be a worse owner than Bud Selig, who owns your baseball team (at least he did at some point, don't know if he does any more, don't care), but then I remembered that your football team is owned by someone even worse--YOU, the public, the people of Wisconsin. Nothing could be worse than that.

Anyways, stay tuned for tomorrow's continuation of The Great State Hate Debate '08 '09. Tomorrow I'm going to take on those self-serving pricks in Nebraska. You've had it coming.

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