Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live Blog Tonight: Maryland vs. Duke

Because I'm a bad fan and haven't attended enough games to even think about trying to get a Duke ticket tonight (we use a lottery system), I'm going to instead be blogging it here as we take our momentum into our most important game of the year against Lurch and a guy who looks like he's constantly about to cry. Hopefully we pull another mammoth upset because God knows we're not going to beat Wake Forest.

So tune in your internets to BWP starting just before 9 pm EST for some laughs, some tears, and hopefully a win that solidifes our way into the tournament. And before that, we should have one or two posts, hopefully including our first installment of the Great State Hate Debate. You're going down, Idaho!

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  1. Kyle Singler is more like the blue Monstar from "Space Jam." Tell me I'm wrong: