Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's sort of a housekeeping post! Wait, don't switch back to porn!

So today is a big day for BWP because unless everyone decides they hate us, we're going to hit 3,000 page views and 1,000 visits today. Which is awesome. Thank you to everyone who somehow thinks this site is entertaining and also to everyone from Wisconsin who hates us now.

Speaking of segueing seamlessly, we thought it would be funny to start hating on Wisconsin, but then I had an even better idea: coming to you as a running feature for a while is going to be "The Great State Hate Debate '08 '09," brought to you by Blazing With Phelps: The World's Most Serious Blog.

We (or perhaps me if the other writers on this site find this idea stupid) will take each segment to look deep into a particular state and tell you why it sucks so much. For instance, here's a little tasty nugget from our look at the aforementioned land of cheddarwurst:

The land for Wisconsin was stolen by rapists and murderers from Minnesota in 1943. Beforehand, it had been prosperous and Utopian. As soon as they moved in, all the land was salted and the people starved. Ever since then, Wisconsin has been eating away at Minnesota just to sustain itself.

With all the hard-hitting and truthful factoids you expect from Blazing With Phelps. This one is sure to be a winner, so make sure you check back in the coming weeks as we launch the Great State Hate Debate '08 '09.

On top of that, our other ongoing project, We're Aren't Experts, (which still insists on calling "We Aren't Experts"), is chugging along like the greatest of choo-choo trains. Expect the final divisional preview soon, as well as a discussion between ourselves and special guest stars on the postseason.

So with all this to look forward to, keep your browser tuned onto the World's Most Serious Blog, and tell all your friends about how funny and handsome we are.

You can switch back to porn now.

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  1. I like cheese because it has no bones.