Saturday, February 14, 2009

A few manners of housekeeping

So Rob, why are you in at 9 pm on Valentine's day? Well that's simple, because nobody loves me.

I've added a "hit counter" so we'll be able to celebrate that moment months from now when we hit double digit pageviews. This is exciting to me.

Also, as part of me further figuring out how Blogger works, anyone is allowed to comment. I can only assume that this is what was holding back the literally millions of people who otherwise would have commented already, offering money and/or sex and/or an appearance as a judge on "Iron Chef America." So the floodgates are open. Feel free to flood.

Also, I was excited to see my column get all blow'd up online. Mostly people seem to agree that Department of Transportation Services here is the devil. Some people have recently said very nice things about me, and I'd like to thank all of you.

There should be a semi-announcement soon as well. And I'm going to start doing original posts that aren't related to my columnism. So watch the hell out for that.


  1. robby,

    as a major fan of yours who does not get to read the Diamond Back on anything like a regular basis, i would like to thank you for this blog.

    also, as the person who invites guest judges to iron chef, i'd like to extend a sincere offer. you'll just have to overlook that it's Wii iron chef.


  2. ill always be your valentine