Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook is a Business. You are a retard.

On the news last night there was a big to-do about the Terms of Service on Facebook, that have had people in a tussle because apparently included in the ToS is something about how anything you publish to Facebook becomes property of Facebook.

People are actually mad about this.

I'm sorry, did you think Facebook was benevolent Internet Jesus owned and operated by the people? Facebook is not a cheer-ocracy. Mark Zuckerberg is the cheer-tator. He makes the cheer-cisions and he will deal with the cheer-onsequences.

I get it. It was shady for them to try to own all your shit. I get it. That's really weird. But at the same time, you're logging into FACEBOOK, you're posting your pictures and innermost thoughts and sexual conquests on FACEBOOK, you're giving all your personal information to FACEBOOK. So when it turns out that someone's going to try to say "well if you put all that stuff up, we sort of own it," is it surprising that that person is... Facebook? I say no.

People think that Facebook is like a public commonwealth just because everyone has it. Sort of like how people call bandages "Band-aids" and copies "Xeroxes" and tissues 'Kleenexes" and blogs "BlazingWithPhelpses." When one thing takes over the market so much that it becomes a huge part of the social consciousness, people wrongly assume that it has become a social entity as well. It hasn't. When you log into Facebook and throw your personal information and pictures down, you're giving them to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is on the other end looking at your drunk pictures. And he is masturbating furiously.

Yes, it was a shady dick move when they tried to sneak that by us in the terms of service, and no, I'd rather they not claim ownership of all the things I use their site for. But the thing is, it's their site and their rules, no matter how shady, and if you don't like it, then stop using them. Stop putting your pictures on their site. Because even if Facebook gets beaten back on this one--and I think they will--they still have the capability to do all sorts of shady shit and they certainly will again.

And when you complain again just remember that you don't own Facebook and you never will. If you don't like it, you can leave. Mark Zuckerberg will not miss you. He will be rolling around in piles of money. And he will be masturbating furiously.

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  1. heres a question, once you delete your photos/information off of facebook, do they then lose ownership? or is it maintained even though you technically no longer exist as a facebook entity? To sum it up, if you post your email/address facebook owns that information and can do what they will and they only way to remedy this is do either fucking move or change your email? also they are allready selling you photos/access info to companies that provide services to other corperations that want to see what you do in your freetime... making photos only available to friends does nothing... anyone for a little George Orwell? PS, this is what it would look like if Q and R were not in the Alphabet.