Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dumb Surrendering French Douche Climbs Some Dumb Building in Honk Kong to Promote Awareness That He Sucks Cock


HONG KONG – A French daredevil scaled a 73-story Hong Kong skyscraper barehanded Tuesday, his latest attempt to draw attention to global warming by climbing up the world's tallest buildings.

Alain Robert, dubbed the French spider-man, has scaled dozens of tall structures without ropes or harnesses, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building in New York and Malaysia's Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

It took Robert about 40 minutes Tuesday to scramble up the downtown Cheung Kong Center — the flagship building of Hong Kong's richest man, Li Ka-shing. Upon reaching the top of the 885.83-foot (270-meter) building, Robert waved to a crowd of spectators on the ground below.

The 46-year-old said police officers questioned him after the ascent, but released him without any charges.

Robert said he hoped his climbs could help bring attention to the world's environmental problems.

"The global warming is something that is going to affect the next generation," Robert told reporters on the ground level. "The future is really compromised if we are not doing anything."

Police spokesman Lawrence Li said they were aware of a man outside the building and that he was safe. Li said officers did not press any charge against the man.

It's the fourth time Robert has mounted a skyscraper in Hong Kong. He scrambled up the city's 45-story Four Seasons hotel last year.

I hate these jack-offs that do something stupid like this to say that they're promoting awareness for Global Warming, AIDS, Face AIDS, or cholera (fuck you Oregon Trail). Listen you yellow French bastard: The only thing you are raising awareness to is that you have no job and that one day your greasy cheese surrendering hands are going to slip off one of these buildings and fall all the way to your moronic death. Also, he's climbing buildings that are basically like a fucking ladder. The Eifel Tower? Really? That isn't even hard. Climb something like the Washington Monument and then maybe you will earn your nickname. That's like me saying today I'm going to climb my drain pipe and promote mandatory drug testing at all my favorite brothels. I can't get herpes again, I can't


  1. i cant believe no one has posted a comment yet. I just want to say i have just as much, if not more, hatered for french people. They need to stop doing stupid shit like this and just stick to their crepe's. Im talking to you too french kanooks.

  2. there's a deeper meaning to this, you see, by climbing really tall stuff he's trying to draw our attention upward. and when we look upward we see the sky; that's a part of our environment and also affected by the Big GW. and of course being french he is trying to tie global warming, the sky and its scrapers all together into some fucking shit pile waste of crap. i give up, protest to protest, fight to fight, and climb stuff to... you get the picture. At least PETA has the balls to get naked and throw shit at people.

  3. you guys nailed it, i have nothing more to add XD

  4. Seriously, what the fuck does this guy think he's accomplishing?? How many people do you think actually look up and see that french idiot and think "Shit, I need to stop global warming now. Shit's real."