Monday, February 23, 2009

From Latent Racism to John Madden

Did anybody catch the Magic Johnson sit down with Lebron James on Sunday?

Who was the production designer for this interview? I know it's black history month but this is just ridiculous. Black curtains and 2 random ethnic, cultural decorations? Oh, and the vases in the back, too. Nothing screams "basketball legends" like some good pottery, especially if you ask Rasheed Wallace.

I am convinced that Mike D'Antoni is the one who told A-Rod to go public. It's brilliant. New Yorkers need to be pissed at someone for their sports, so with the focus on A-Rod, Mike D'Antoni's debacle of a first season in New York is quietly swept under the rug.

I was hoping to ramble more, but I just realized I don't know anything about the NBA.....switching gears.

The Replacements has to be in consideration for the best sports movie ever made.

A bunch of scrubs comes in mid-season during a strike, lead by former Ohio State Buckeye Shane Falco, who apparently had a terrible Sugar Bowl a few years back. The players on strike don't really do anything, though. They are always just standing outside of the stadium, or harassing the scabs in a bar. Their families must hate them. The team of scabs does a few dances or something and end up getting into the playoffs somehow. I've seen this movie probably 15 times and still have no idea what happens. It's kind of hard to keep your brain going when half the movie is either Keanu Reaves or John Madden talking.

Why it should be considered:
Filmed in Baltimore
The 7-Up Guy
Keanu Reeves
Deaf Wide Reciever
Their kicker went on to eat Hannibal's sister in Hannibal Rising
Gene Hackman's Hat
Stripper Cheerleaders, and the old guy with binoculars about to bust/die of a heart attack while watching them
features the line "it looks like I just jacked off an elephant"
John Madden
....That's all I really remember from this movie, even though I'm watching it as I'm writing this as I'm watching it.

I guess that's all. "While you guys are out there getting pounded by Dallas....just kidding...I'm gonna be drinkin beer on my boat." One of the great monologues of our time.

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