Monday, February 9, 2009

Chet Turner

This blog is named "Chet Turner."

Update: This blog is no longer named "Chet Turner." It is now named "Blazing With Phelps."

Blazing With Phelps is a humor blog. If you don't find it funny, then Blazing With Phelps is a blog about pets or something.

The people who write for this site are all young professionals or graduate students, or dead or whatever. This was a depressing sentence to write because it used to say we were in college.

Short bios follow.

A short bio for Rob: My name is Rob. I used to write weekly opinion columns for the newspaper at my University when I was in college. I now work a a corporate job. I also have read and re-read a blog that used to be really funny before the writers got too super-successful and busy called, which dissected bad sports journalism. I do this on this blog now because I got tired of re-reading FJM every day and decided to do it myself. My writing's quality compared to the quality of FJM is roughly equal to my success in life versus theirs.

A short bio for John: My name is John. I am a senior at Virginia Tech, and am still wondering why I didn't go to a warm weather school. I am the resident Vikings beat reporter, despite the fact I have never followed the Vikings, nor have ever even set foot in the state of Minnesota. I hated Brett Favre before it was the cool thing to do. I am a die hard Red Sox fan, and the constant lamentation of the Orioles on BWP brings me great joy.

A short bio for Nick: My name is Rob and I'm writing a bio for Nick. Nick is well-known for being the only writer on this blog for, like, a year. Nick is a graduate student at Texas Agricultural and Mechanical, even though he is a "spaceman," which means meteorologist. Nick loves Baltimore sports, drinking and his former roommate, Eric.

A short bio for Rich: My name is Rob and I'm writing Rich's bio too. Rich is a junior at Maryland and he does actual journalism. Also, because he might get in trouble because he's a legitimate reporter, it's important to note that he does not necessarily write for this web site. But if he did, he would be the guy who comes up with eccentric features such as "The Parables of Steve," BWP's version of the Bible, and other crazy stuff like that. Rich has like eight other blogs and never writes for us any more.

A short bio for Greg: My name is Rob and I'm also writing Greg's bio. Greg is a law student who considers himself a multitude of untrue things: a die-hard Orioles fan; a worthwhile friend; a good person. Greg takes steroids and his favorite song is "Cyclone" by Baby Bash. If I were a father, Greg is the last person I'd want to date my daughter. Greg writes sproradic posts about the Ravens, or if someone reads the news to him (illiterate) he may comment on that.

A short bio for Mike: Mike is the "Van Wilder" of the University of Maryland, now going strong in his 14th year in academia pursuing a BA in Friendship Studies. Mike comes to BWP from his former blog, Ways to Build Replicas of Household Tools Out of Pancakes [dot] com (Number 334 on Alexa!). Mike writes about sports and draws cartoons of injured football players in his spare time for laughs.

If you'd like to contact us and for some reason posting here does not whet your appetite, we can be reached at blogofthecentury [at] gmail [dot] com.

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