Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boring Blog: Stats class

Oftentimes, web sites will "live blog" exciting events. John and I thought it would be funny if we live blogged really mundane things. And here we are. The Boring Blog: 12:30 Stat. Note to the alarming amount of people visiting the site right now: Keep refreshing for more.

1:34: Greg bumped me down with a very meaningful post hating on the French. Thanks jackass. It's not like I've been working on this for an hour or anything.

Anyways I think it's a good time to call it quits because this class is only going to last for five minutes or so from now... but probably less because people are openly getting up, walking right past the teacher, and leaving the room. I myself enjoyed doing the Boring Blog, so let me know if you hated it so I won't do it again. It's still early in the genesis of BWP and we're throwing everything out there to see what sticks ("the rapture") and what doesn't ("morning musings"). BWP is a learning computer, and a loving computer.

As a final thought: I can't believe I'm being forced to take this dumb class.

1:28: Here we go, the ultimate display of disrespect from students. Have you ever had a class where the kids decide toward the end of class that they don't give a shit any more and just start packing up their stuff and leaving? This class isn't supposed to end for another 15 minutes but the inmates are running the asylum here. I mean, I've been liveblogging about how boring this class is and even I think it's disrespectful. Then again, maybe I'd be more eager to leave if my next class wasn't in this very room. Even still, it's just shocking to see everyone decide as a class, "fuck it."

1:26: Coming up after Boring Blog: Another hour and a half of a different class in the same room. Due to a scheduling anomaly, I have philosophy and stats back to back in the same windowless basement room of the education building where they're lighting off fireworks and having singalongs in the room next door. Meanwhile, the business kids go to class in a mansion and the engineering kids have lectures on the moon or something. I'm in the wrong line of work.

1:21: Is this racist? I don't know but I'm saying it anyways: My teacher talks like a fortune cookie. "If you have attendance, you will not have problems on test." Also, a phone just rang in the class next door. But it sounded like a 1950s-era ring. Time machines, ninjas and monster trucks.

1:19: The teacher is mysteriously wrapping up class, literally a half hour early. Sorry to cut the liveblog short. If people liked this, I'll try to keep it up as a running feature. So let me know. Cripes, I did that thing where.... wait, wait. False alarm. She just closed down all of her powerpoint stuff and asked if there "were any more questions," then said "You are not dismissed now." Did I mention this class is not for my major?

1:17: Boring Blog just knocked down a pretty good post by Greg about the Ravens, so make sure you read that too.

1:14: We were just given roughly .02 seconds to do classwork. This class is not for my major. This university is dumb. If I learn anything this semester here, I'll let you know. But yeah, the ability to "think critically" is much more important that if I were out writing stories or something.

1:09: This is the problem with doing the Boring Blog. Sometimes, there's just a ten minute stretch where literally nothing happens. I think I'm going to try to beat level 7 of Block Dude. It's a tricky one.

1:00: We're "learning" (aka, learned in eighth grade) that the population mean is "mew." The evil secondary population mean is "mewtwo."

12:58: The class next door just brought the thunder again. The volume on their computer is turned all the way up. I imagine that the kids in the class are sitting with their faces being blown backwards like they're going to 3 G's in a fighter jet.

12:53: My teacher is foreign and talks like a robot. It's hard to explain, but I'll try: Every word she says has a certain inflection no matter what the context is. Kind of like the Microsoft SAM voice, you know? Like when they splice together scenes in movies to make it look like one solid sentence. All of her words sound like they're coming from different places.

12:49: I zone back in to find the teacher explaining in-depth what the "median" is. The slide right now says "Advantages of the median." Like she's advertising the median to us. Call now and we'll throw in a FREE mode and range! We can't do this all day!

12:47: The class behind the door is making horrifying noises that sound like they're attempting to pick the lock and get into our room or something. I now believe the class is "assassinations 101." Holy crap, please tell me that someone popping the tab of a soda can. I am horrified.

12:45: I reach level 7 in "Block Dude" for the graphing calculator.

12:42: I had to snag my friend's computer and start this due to the combination of how boring this class is and the STRAIGHT THUNDER coming from the room directly next door. For whatever reason, there is a door in the back of the classroom (behind where I sit) that leads to some random classroom that always sounds like they're having fun. Today there was a loud revving noise. I reason that the class in there is "Monster Trucks 105."


  1. The Boring Blog sticks hoss, dont get rid of it. I get pleasure from hearing about monstertrucks and fireworks.

  2. this was so funny! keep it up

  3. mewtwo is crucial!